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Rosamund Bradbury (Jesus 2007)

Subject: Mathematics
Sport: Rowing

Team: GB

Hoping to qualify for: Women’s Eight

Pre-competition ritual: “I have a very set pattern in terms of what I do, such as what I eat and when. I like to stick to a routine.”

“I started rowing when I was 13 because of my dad, who was also at Jesus. He took up rowing there and really enjoyed it. We attended Henley Regatta every year – I loved it so much, I wanted to be a part of it.

Rowing was just for fun at the beginning. I joined Thames Rowing Club and started taking it a bit more seriously when I was 17, as well as trying some other things such as weights. I would have chosen to go to Cambridge whatever, because my dad was there and I think it’s the best place to go for maths, but of course it has a lot of things set up for rowing and that’s great.

I made the Senior World Rowing Championships team at the end of my second year at Cambridge – I performed well at the British trials, got accepted into the squad and had some good results. Then I went back to Cambridge, did my last year and decided to go into rowing full-time.

The team aspect of rowing is great. We train in a big team and work with other people, and I also like the fact that, while you need talent, a lot of it also comes down to working hard and getting on with the training. At Jesus, I trained in the morning and evening most days, which was a big step up from what I did at school. I just kept increasing the amount of training I did. Now I train at least twice a day, and for four days a week it’s three times.

Because the Olympics are in Britain, so many people are going to be aware of it. It will be great to perform in front of a home crowd. I never imagined going to the Olympics when I started rowing – I just did it because I enjoyed it.

When I was 13, the Olympics just seemed way out of my reach. We sometimes saw the athletes in the team at that time and we looked at them with awe. I wouldn’t have imagined that ever being me."

The GB Rowing Team is sponsored by Siemens.