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Sporting Contacts Enduring

Cambridge University Athletics Club Professor Neville Norman (Pembroke 1970)

I came up to 'read' for a PhD in Economics (Pembroke) from Australia in 1970. I made friends with fellow ahtletes John Ellicock (Engineering, Emma, 1968, fellow high-jumper) and Ben Bolton-Maggs (Medicine, Corpus, 1968) which have endured for more than four decades. This is both pleasant and enduring and comes from sports that oprthopaedic interventions have stopped long ago. We had 2/4 children in Cambridge and retain a house there. I remain a 'technical coach' to current high-jumpers in Cambridge, often by email! (I took Full Blues in 1971-3) and juggle academic connections in both Melbourne and Cambridge, remaining immensely proud to live in the world's most liveable city and the UK’s most liveable town.