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New publication champions Cambridge philanthropy

The Philanthropist, a new magazine published by the University of Cambridge, celebrates the impact of philanthropy across the University and Colleges and includes stories and articles that bring its benefits to life.

The one-off publication acknowledges the success of the 800th Anniversary Campaign, which raised more than £1 billion for Collegiate Cambridge, and highlights the continuing impact and importance of philanthropy at Cambridge.

The best way to understand the impact of philanthropy is to see it at work. The University and Colleges have benefited from many transformative donations – large and small – over the last ten years and The Philanthropist provides numerous examples of the difference that such generosity can make.

The alliance between visionary philanthropists and academics has been a driving force of progress at Cambridge for more than 800 years.

Cambridge’s fundraising continues, and it is this partnership with its supporters that will continue to develop and safeguard Cambridge’s cultural legacy.  It will ensure its continued pre-eminence as a leading global teaching and research institution across all branches of international scholarship.

George Efstathiou, 1909 Professor of Astrophysics and Director of the Kavli Institute for Cosmology (copyright the University of Cambridge) The magazine will be distributed widely, to University and College donors and across the institution.

To obtain a copy or to get in touch with any thoughts or observations you may have about the magazine, please email contact@philanthropy.cam.ac.uk

A sample of stories highlighted can be found at www.philanthropy.cam.ac.uk, such as CATS brought the cream (Newnham College), On the buses (the University Women's Lacrosse team), In dulci jubilo (King's College) and Heavens above (the Kavli Institute, pictured right).