Cambridge sports clubs

Amateur Boxing Club  Website  E-mail  Feature: Winning and losing Varsity
Association Croquet Club  Website  E-mail  Feature: Beyond Pimm's
Association Football Club  Website  E-mail
Women's Association Football Club  Website  E-mail
Athletics Club  Website  E-mail  Feature: Scouting for talent
Badminton Club  Website  E-mail
Basketball Club  Website  E-mail  Feature: An international team
Women's Basketball Club  Website  E-mail
Boat Club  Website  E-mail
Women's Boat Club  Website  E-mail
Bowmen Club  Website  E-mail
Canoe Club  Website  E-mail
Cricket Club  Website  E-mail
Women's Cricket Club  Website  E-mail  Feature: Playing at Lord's
Cruising Club  Website  E-mail
Cycling Club  Website  E-mail
DanceSport Team  Website  E-mail  Feature: The rise of the team
Eton Fives Club  Website  E-mail
Fencing Club  Website  E-mail  Feature: From novice to Varsity match
Gliding Club  Website  E-mail
Golf Club  Website  E-mail
Gymnastics Club  Website  E-mail
Hare and Hounds Club  Website  E-mail
Hockey Club  Website  E-mail
Ice Hockey Club  Website  E-mail
Women's Ice Hockey Club  Website  E-mail
Judo Club  Website  E-mail
Karate Club  Website  E-mail
Korfball Club  Website  E-mail
Lacrosse Club  Website  E-mail
Women's Lacrosse Club  Website  E-mail  Feature: "Not for the faint-hearted"
Lawn Tennis Club  Website  E-mail
Lightweight Rowing Club  Website  E-mail
Modern Pentathlon Club  Website  E-mail
Netball Club  Website  E-mail
Orienteering Club  Website  E-mail
Polo Club  Website  E-mail  Feature: Defying the stereotype
Powerlifting Club  Website  E-mail
Real Tennis Club  Website  E-mail
Revolver & Pistol Club  Website  E-mail
Riding Club  Website  E-mail
Rifle Association  Website  E-mail
Rugby Union Football Club  Website  E-mail  Feature: Balancing work and play
Women's Rugby Union Football Club  Website  E-mail
Rugby Fives Club  Website  E-mail
Rugby League  Website  E-mail
Ski and Snowboarding Club  Website  E-mail
Small Bore Club  Website  E-mail
Squash Rackets Club  Website  E-mail
Swimming and Waterpolo Club  Website  E-mail
Table Tennis Club  Website  E-mail
Triathlon Club  Website  E-mail
Trampoline Club  Website  E-mail
Volleyball Club  Website  E-mail