CARO Services

Monthly email update
All Group contacts receive a short monthly email of news and resources from CARO and the University. 

Alumni Volunteer Resources
The Alumni Volunteer Resources provides key tools and resources to set up, maintain or rejuvenate an Alumni Group. If you would like a printed copy please contact

Group webpages
Each Group automatically has its own Group webpage which form part of the CARO Group pages. These pages are used by Groups to promote forthcoming events, post photos as well newsletters and event reports. You can find your Group webpage by visiting If you would like us to update your page please email

Event banners
CARO has a number of large banners 150 x 75cm that can be lent to Alumni Groups for events. These banners carry the University Identifier and can be easily hung from the corners. Please email to request a banner.

Table Flags
CARO has a number of small table flags, at present we are limiting one flag to each Group, if you would like a flag to use at your Group events please to request one.

Freshers' Parties

These parties are a successful feature of many Alumni Group programmes. The attached guidelines are a useful tool if you or your Group is thinking about running a fresher's party. For more information please email 

Speaker requests
Many Group events rely on finding an informative and enjoyable speaker to give a lecture or after-dinner speech. CARO can assist in finding a speaker for your Group. Simply fill in the attached form and return it to We will then circulate this form to a list of Senior Members who have indicated that they are willing to speak to Alumni Groups.
Alternatively, if you know of a speaker you wish to approach then please let us know and we will contact them directly on your behalf.