How to Run a Group

Event ideas
Our Alumni Groups organise a vast array of events throughout the year. These range from Boat Race dinners to gliding, beer tasting evenings and family picnics. We hope the attached list will provide inspiration for your Group but if you would like any more help with your events please email us.

Case studies
People often ask us ‘What is an Alumni Group?’ and ‘Who gets involved in Groups?’ These case studies have been written by Group leaders and members and provide an excellent example of what different Groups get up to and who joins them. If you would like to contribute your own case study then please email the team at

Cambridge Society of London
Dordogne Cambridge Society 
Cambridge Society of Montreal

Social media
We understand that many Groups use social media and for most of them it is a useful communication tool. If however, you do not currently use social media with your Group but would like to, you can find some guides below to help you get started.

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