Getting Around

Please find details below of how to make your way around Cambridge and events which need prior knowledge of specific access requirements


   Maps of Cambridge will be available to all Alumni throughout the  Weekend, please  come and see us at the Helpdesks.

 Friday Helpdesk - 1 Quayside, Bridge Street
 Saturday Helpdesk - Law Faculty, Sidgwick Site
 Sunday Helpdesk - 1 Quayside, Bridge Street

Park and Cycle;

For those who have opted to use the Park and Cycle site on the West Cambridge Site on Clerk Maxwell Road, off Madingley Road, please visit the Cambridge County council website; for information and timetables regarding catching the bus back into the City Centre.

Prior Access Requirements:

All Access Details for the events taking place during the weekend, can be found in the following document. Please do read if you are worried about access to a particular event/venue.
The events below have asked to be informed prior to the event if any specific access requirements are needed. 

 Friday 21 September:

All the Sculptures of the Greek and Roman World (almost), Museum of Classical Archaeology

Molotov’s Magic Lantern, Murray Edwards College

Sunday 23 September:

Murray Edwards Garden Tour, taking place twice at Murray Edwards College

Discovery of Greek Sculpture, taking place twice at 
Museum of Classical Archaeology